BEMO – Metal roof and façade systems

BEMO is the global leader in roof and façade system technology.

Using out patented production method, we create shapes that allow planners and architects the free space they need to overcome traditional conventions.
The rich variety of nature can be re-created in architecture based on our exemplary selection when combining materials, surfaces and colours.
Our 3D software, developed by us in-house, supports you in the planning and measurement of the supporting structure right up to the design of the substructure, thereby ensuring high quality of both the product and its execution.

“German Technology” in production and the countless number of possible combinations of available surfaces, materials, shapes and colours allow practically any design idea to be implemented.
We therefore approach our ideal very closely: nature.
In addition to the highest quality, we pay close attention to long-life and recyclability when selecting materials.

Our mobile production lines can be used everywhere in the world, thereby significantly reducing transport costs and corresponding emissions.

The BEMO leaf is therefore the outwardly visible symbol of a powerful brand name for extraordinary buildings and exceptional solutions for roofs and façades.